First Day on GILENYA

GILENYA first dose

Ready to start treating your relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) with GILENYA?

If you and your health care professional decide to move forward with treatment, you'll take a few up-front tests to make sure that GILENYA® is a good fit. These include a blood test, an eye exam, and an electrocardiogram (ECG).

When it comes to starting GILENYA, your health care professional will choose where you will have your first dose. You can do it at:

  • A doctor's office
  • The GILENYA Assessment Network (GAN), which allows for you to take these tests and the first dose at one of our GILENYA@Medical Facility sites (a local medical office or facility), or in the comfort of your own home through GILENYA@Home

Your blood test, ECG, and eye exam can be done at a medical facility or at home.*

What to expect during your first day on GILENYA

What to expect during your first day on GILENYA

A handy guide to your first day on GILENYA.

First Day on GILENYA MS Pill First Day on GILENYA MS Pill First Day on GILENYA MS Pill

Is your child starting GILENYA?

If your child is starting GILENYA, he or she will follow the same first-dose monitoring as an adult. Likewise, it can be done at a medical facility or in the comfort of home.

Children changing doses

If your child weighs less than 88.2 lb, he or she will start on the 0.25 mg dose of GILENYA. After exceeding that weight, his or her health care professional may recommend your child move up to 0.5 mg. If your child is moved up to the 0.5 mg dose, he/she will need to repeat monitoring again. To learn more about monitoring and how the GILENYA Go Program can help you and your child, take a look at our Dedicated Support page.

*Eye exams are available in select GILENYA@Home and GILENYA@Medical Facility markets.

GILENYA can result in a slow heart rate when first taken. You will be observed by a health care professional for at least 6 hours after you take your first dose. You may need to repeat this monitoring if you miss a dose or are a child who is moving to 0.5 mg from the 0.25 mg dose.


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